Top Tips on Getting Better Fuel Economy

As anybody that has bought a new car will tell you the fuel efficiency with these new cars is outstanding, however not everyone is fortunate enough to own the newest model Megane or Clio so here are the O'Brien Motor Groups Top Tips on how to get better fuel economy.

1. Tyre Pressures


Tyres are without a doubt the first place that a driver should check when trying to be more fuel efficient. As demonstrated in the above image an over or under inflated tyre doesn't have the same grip as a tyre that is properlly inflated. Underinflated tyres cause extra drag between the tyre and road reducing fuel economy. While overinflated wheels are a danger to the driver as the can easily burst if one hits a pothole too hard and as you know yourself we have plenty of pot holes here in Ireland. The average tyre pressure for the average car is 2.2 bars or 32psi however you should always check the drivers manual to be 100% sure, also on every Renault car jus on the inside of the drivers door there is a guide to how much you should inflate your tyres by and this is a handy guide to stick by. Tyre pressure should be checked regullary and we would recommend checking them every month. A final tip on tyres is that if the tracking is off this will reduce fuel economy so if you feel the steering wheel vibrate or the car pulling to the left or right get them hecked as the tracking and balance could be off.

2. Ditch the Weight


Now I'm not saying that you should throw out your car radio or go on a diet but most cars, mine included, have items in them that aren't being used all of the time, clothes being the biggest example or a booster seat. Every gram of weight added to your car means more fuel being used so take a look around your car and see if there are items that are in the car and not necessarly needed. I have used a picture of a roof box as an example as I do often see them on top of cars and wonder if they're being used or just left there. Don't get me wrong as a parent I know how great these roof boxes are when you need extra space but we use ours once maybe twice a year (if lucky) and the rest of the year it's left sitting in the garage. This is where you should keep yours when you are not using them, the same goes for the roof racks that hold the box when not in use put them in storage.

3. Keep Your Engine on Song

Gone are the days of tuning up your carburettors to run properly, but engines still neeed maintenance so don't scrimp on the servicing, as this could cost you in the long run. The important items that affect fuel consumption include the air filter, fuel filter and the oil. Check these regularly and change them when needed, every car manufacturer will recommend a particular oil to use also, Renault recommend Elf oil, and try to use this brand when you can. Once again we would recommend just checking on them once a month, these will all get changed when you bring your car in for a service, but it is no harm to keep an eye on the levels and keep your oil topped up when necessary.

4. Drive like a Saint

Your driving style greatly affects the fuel consumption of your vehicle, driving fast, braking hard and unnecessarily will reduce your fuel economy and it really pays to take your time. By leaving enough space between your vehicle and the one in front you can better plan your journey and take your foot off the accelerator to slow down instead of braking sharply, which will also wear your brake disks down quicker when the vehicle in front slows down or is turning off. Stick to the speed limits, it's not a race, as every km/h you reduce your speed by will pay dividend when you go to fill your tank again.

5. Don't Take Unnceessary Journeys

Do you really need to drive down to the shop for a carton of milk? Yes it may save you time but that €1 litre of milk will cost much more when include the cost of driving down the road. This is something people rarely think about but if you added up your fuel costs per month and made this change of walking to the shops or mass on a sunday you would notice the differnce then and when calculated on an annual basis you could easily save €100's by making this simply change.



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