First impressions of the Renault Scenic

We were lucky enough to be in the UK yesterday to be introduced to the next line up of Renault vehicles that will be launched in the Irish market. You will be happy to know that these cars are more spacious, better looking and more technologically advanced than both their predecessor’s as well as most of the competition.

I am just going to concentrate on one new vehicle though and that is the upcoming Renault five seater Scenic and the seven seater Grand Scenic. If I was to use just three words to describe these it would be stylish, spacious and modern.

This Scenic has been in the works for the past number of years and is based off their concept R-Space car. And space is something that the new Scenic’s have in abundance with its storage areas equalling a massive 56.9l making it the class leader in storage. The rear seats can be dropped down at the touch of a button which you will control through the R-Link system or to using a touchpad in the boot of the Scenic creating space for carrying all your holiday essentials. The sliding centre console alone has 13l of space and is the perfect spot for putting your phone safely out of your sight while charging it. It is also a space that be shared with the rear passengers as it will easily slide back and forth. Don’t worry about the rear passengers using the charge point though as there are two USB connections, an aux port and a 12v connection  positioned at the back of the centre console that are perfect for charging their phones or tablets that can be safely secured to the folding tables as the rear passengers are kept entertained on long journeys.

Long journeys are something that the driver will love taking in the new Renault Scenic as the MPV is the most comfortable Renault to date. The seats are designed in a way that they hold the passenger, so no sliding as you go around a sharp bend, and you will have the option of heated seats that will massage you as you drive to work, school or on holidays. Everything can be controlled by the driver or front passenger using the R-Link system which is similar to the one in the Renault Megane and Kadjar.

The R-Link has of course been updated to reflect all the new safety features that come with the Scenic such as lane assist and lane departure warning, two great driving aids that will warn the driver when they’re crossing the white lines. The new Scenic also has a collision alert system that will warn you if you are going to crash into a car or pedestrian in front of you while applying the brake to avoid a collision. It will also feature an adjustable heads up display that will give you the all important information of your speed and the speed limit in your area without ever taking your eyes off the road. The Scenic will also have the Renault trademarked LED c-shaped lights that are brighter and will last the life time of the Scenic without needing to be changed.

The new Renault Scenic will come with new colours such as honey yellow, mink and camin red and  will be available in our showrooms in the new year with pricing released closer to its launch date. It will come in a diesel engine only with 110hp or 160hp and will have a hybrid assist option to increase fuel efficiency.

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