Before Winter Driving

Before Driving during the Winter

Irish winters can be changeable to say the least but we are guaranteed to have rain and wind with some snow thrown in for good measures. Driving in these conditions can be hazardous and drivers should ensure their vehicles are roadworthy before the winter starts.

Step 1 Tyres

Check the tyre tread depth on you’re the vehicles wheels. To do this purchase a tyre tread measure from any local garage or auto parts shop. The minimum legal tyre tread is 1.6mm so if the tyre thread is below that you will have to change them immediately. To ensure an accurate measurement check different spots of the tyre tread on each wheel including the spare as you never know what may happen.

Step 2 Oil & Water

Ensure that your oil and water is full. Each car is different in where these are placed under the bonnet and if you are unsure check the owner’s manual. Make sure the oil is full by measuring the dip stick and filling it up with appropriate oil, diesel and petrol engines vary. Check your water levels and make sure that they also have anti-freeze added to the mixture. The bottle of anti-freeze will have instructions on how to dilute it.

Step 3 Lights

Make sure that all your vehicles lights are working by getting a friend or neighbour to check them for you, it will be much more accurate and easier to have somebody help you with this. If any light bulbs need replacing you can purchase these cheaply in any auto parts shop or garage and if you are unsure how to change them yourself ask somebody that works there and they will be glad to help.

Step 4 Headlights

When checking to see if all your bulbs are working you will also notice if the headlights are dirty or foggy looking. If this is the case you will have to clean them and instead of bringing the vehicle to a garage you can easily do this yourself with some toothpaste and an old rag. Put the toothpaste freely on the headlight and use the rag the wipe it until the headlight is clean again.

Step 5 Vehicle Essentials

Make sure that the vehicle has a De-icer in it and a cloth to wipe the condensation off the inside of the windscreen when it gathers up. You will be able to purchase a car kit that has these valuable items in any auto parts shop or garage.

These are some helpful tips for driving in the winter and should be prepared for in advance or done as soon as one can. Once again if you are unsure of anything pop into your local garage who will be happy to look at the car and help you in any way they can.

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