Dacia Duster Number One in Westmeath

As dealerships all over the country get ready for the New Year car sales they may have missed the latest results that came out from SIMI this morning. Being a dealership in Westmeath we were mainly concerned about the figures for our county and we have great news as the Dacia Duster was the bestselling car in Westmeath for the month of October with just over 10% of the market share.

The Duster obviously appeals to customers in Westmeath as half of all Dacia’s sold in the county were Dusters and sales of the Duster have stayed in or around the same since August. There are many reasons that the Dacia Duster could appeal to so many customers such as its five year warranty, low starting price and of course it recently got a facelift to beef it up. There is the option of adding a tow bar which could appeal to a section of our customers giving it the ability to easily pull two cattle or a trailer of turf, even on the two wheel drive version.  

To be honest I have only heard about how the Duster is great value for money and that it hasn’t given any problems to the drivers that own them, when we get a traded in Duster it may be sold before it even comes in to us, they’re that popular, and it is rare to see a second hand one on the forecourt. The Duster also has the ability to appeal to both sexes while the age profile of a Duster customer is anywhere from 20 – 73 making it an all round SUV. The appeal of the Dacia Duster will just continue to rise as customers will have the option of buying an automatic gearbox in the New Year

I guess I have just explained why the Duster is so popular in Westmeath, if you haven’t had the opportunity to drive one yet call into us on the Lynn Road and we will be happy to show you around the bestselling vehicle for October


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